Michael Jordan Net worth 2018


Michael Jordan Net worth 2018

An excellent basketball player not only won and won great victories, but he collected unimaginable amounts of wealth and wealth. Currently, the Michael Jordan Net Worth estimated at $ 1.65 billion in 2018.

Michael Jordan Profit 2014-16

2016 It is said that the most prosperous year for Jordan, as he collected more than he earned from the NBA salaries through his career in fifteen years.

Jordan earned $ 899,107,659 in the year 2014 and went above 2015 and turned into $ 979,404,840. The salary that he received in 2016 was about $ 128,160,000, where, like taxes, he paid around $ 841,584,893. His estimates, net worth 2016 was $ 1.14 billion.

Michael Jordan Networth 2017

The most significant sources from which these legendary players print money are diverse and many, such as

  • Earns a salary through the NB
  • Earns through Nike transactions and other endorsements
  • Various commercial enterprises

Jordan basketball salary is about $ 96,055,000, from the Nike deal he collected a massive amount of $ 1,158,500,000. It was noted that Jordan has received more from fame and fame, how to compare playing basketball. As soon as with approval he earned $ 581,200,000. Its net worth 2017 is $ 1.65 billion

Michael Jordan Net worth 2018

Jordan earns through his business undertakings and from appearances on television, too. In 1996, he appeared in the movie Space Jam, in that he received a massive amount of $ 20 million to do it. Jordan is a co-owner of “Washington Wizards”, “Charlotte Bobcats” and let’s not forget that he owned the motorcycle road of the racing team “Michael Jordan Motorsports”. With his business projects, he earned $ 20,000,000. Now at present, Michael Jordan Net Worth is up to $ 1.65 billion.

He is a source of inspiration for many young people, as he began his expedition to become a basketball player, and he reached all the stages that he came across. It was his firm determination that made him do it, even after retiring this person prints money.

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