Michael Jackson Net Worth


Michael Jackson Net Worth

On June 25, 2009, Michael Jackson net worth, the king of pop music, died of a cardiac arrest, which was only 18 days from his comeback concert scheduled for July 13. Why is Michael Jackson, 50 years old, coming back? According to his psychiatrist: “He said that he was forced to the corner, but insisted on singing, because he owes too much debt.”

Michael Jackson, who created one after another wealth myth, gave his family when he died. With a debt of up to $400 million, the wealth track he has traveled can’t help but make people think. In this regard, Noah wealth chief economic sociologist Li Ting-sheng said that income and wealth are two concepts, celebrities, and ordinary people cannot ignore financial management.

Michael Jackson once worked for more than 100 million.

As early as 2003, the famous Forbes magazine had calculated that Michael Jackson’s net worth was about $400 million. In addition to his luxury estate in that area of Santa Baba, Michael Jackson and Sony ATV Music Company occupied shares parts market capitalization of at least $350 million.

biography of Michael Jackson:

In 1985, Michael Jackson bought a stake in ATV Music Inc. for $47.5 million and sold it to Sony Music in 1995 for $95 million. Only Michael Jackson earned nearly $50 million. Among the copyright songs he invested, including the 251 songs of the British rock band “Beetle”, Michael Jackson earned a lot of money by selling the rights to use these songs, opening concerts, and advertising endorsement fees.

Michael Jackson Net Worth:

Although Michael Jackson’s album sales have not been satisfactory in the past two years, Michael Jackson can still get a reasonably stable income. His best-selling album, “Thriller”, which was released in 1982, has so far received a massive return of $115 million.

Beijing time on July 1st news, US local time June 30, and Michael Jackson’s preliminary asset evaluation has been announced, as of March 31, 2007, the famous superstar’s net assets of about 236 million Dollar.

About Michael Jackson Net Worth:

The asset valuation report was obtained by the accounting firm Thompson, Cobb, Bazillion & Associates in Washington. Jackson owns Nederland Ranch, the Sony Record catalog, and many luxury cars, antiques, and collectibles, with a total valuation of about $567.6 million, and he also has about $331 million in debt.


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